Henry Anglade

Henry Anglade ( born July 6, 1933, Thionville ) is a French former racing cyclist.

Cycling career

Henry Anglade grew up in Lyon. A classmate, who later famous writer Albert Camus, invited him to cycling. Anglade quickly found out that his teammates could not follow him, and he joined the Lyon oldest cycling club " Vélo Club du Griffon " at.

In 1956, Anglade professional racing driver was ( until 1966 ) and broke for his engineering degree from. His biggest success was the second place at the Tour de France in 1959 behind Federico Bahamontes, before Jacques Anquetil and Roger Rivière. He was the victim of rival factions within the French team that did not support him. From the Tour in 1960, he wore the yellow jersey for two days. 1963 and 1965, he was fourth in the Tour.

1959 won Anglade also the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré and French was road master, 1965, he won the national title again.

Anglade was considered not very strong rider, but as a brilliant tactician. He was eloquent and adept at dealing with journalists. The other racers, however, rejected him because of his " bossiness " off and called him therefore and because of its petite stature "Napoleon".


During the Tour de France in 1960, Henry Anglade was doped with strychnine, and it went to him in poor health. The strychnine should be administered to him without his knowledge by his nurse. He later confessed to have doped for several years with amphetamines.

Life after active career

1966 crashed Anglade for one criterion and hurt hard on the spine. He stepped back from cycling and started to work at the typewriter company Olympia on. From 1975 he was sports director of a cycling team that participated three times in the Tour de France; were among his protégés Lucien van Impe, Roy Schuiten and Ferdinand Bracke.

Anglade learned the stained glass art, designed and created the stained glass windows for the racers chapel " Notre Dame des Cyclistes " Labastide -d'Armagnac.

Henry Anglade was always in demand as an advertising medium in France. Most recently, he competed in 2008 hearing aids.