Henry Doubleday (1808–1875)

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Henry Doubleday ( born July 1, 1808June 29, 1875 ) was an English entomologist, ornithologist and lepidopterist.

Henry Doubleday was the eldest son of the Quaker and merchant Benjamin Doubleday and his wife Mary of Epping, Essex. He and his brother Edward Doubleday spent their childhood, among other things, to seek in Epping Forest to natural history interesting things. He lived at the same time as his cousin with the same name, the scientists and crop researchers.

Henry Doubleday was the author of the first catalog on the day British butterflies and moths, synonymic list of the British Lepidoptera ( 1847-50 ). He is named by various species of moths. His collection is still in the Natural History Museum. One of the butterflies described by him is the Ashen Bodeneule.


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  • Entomologist
  • Ornithologist
  • Lepidopterist
  • English
  • Born in 1808
  • Died in 1875
  • Man