Henry II, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg

Henry II (* 1317, † about 1384, called the Iron Heinrich ) was Count of Holstein- Rendsburg and pawn Lord of South Schleswig. He ruled jointly with his younger brother Count Nikolaus († 1397 ).


He was the elder son of Count Gerhard III. Sofia and Werle, daughter of Nikolaus von Werle. Heinrich was a major European player mercenary leader and typical representative of Spätrittertums who fought in Italy, Russia, Estonia and France. He was in English and Swedish service. In 1367 he was fleet commander of the Cologne Confederation of the Hanseatic League and conquered Copenhagen in 1368. Earl Henry II and his brother Nicholas have been actively enforced in Holstein and their claims in Schleswig and Denmark as well as towards the North Frisians vigorously defended.

Henry was married twice:

These marriages come from the following children:

  • First marriage:
  • Mechthild ( mentioned in the March 12, 1365 )
  • Second Marriage:
  • Gerhard VI. (When Helge When Wieden Gerhard V. )
  • Albrecht II (Holstein)
  • Henry III. († 1421 ) and Henry I. Bishop of Osnabrück
  • Sophia of Holstein (* 1375 in Lübeck, † 1450 in Przytór ), she married Bogislaw VIII of Pomerania - Stargard


Inscription: S ( igillum ) * HINRICI * D ( E) I * GRA ( TIA) * COMIT (IS) * HOLTZACIE * STORM ARIA ( Seal Henry Grace of God Count of Holstein ( and ) Stormarn )