Henry McBride (politician)

Henry McBride ( born February 7, 1856 in Farmington, Utah, † October 7, 1937 in Seattle, Washington ) was an American politician and from 1901 to 1905, the fourth Governor of the State of Washington.

Early years

McBride was originally to be educated to a clergyman of the Episcopal Church. To this end, he attended Trinity College in Connecticut. For health reasons, but he had to cancel this training. In 1882 he moved to the Washington Territory, where he worked as a teacher and at the same time studied law. After qualifying as a lawyer McBride was District Attorney for two counties. Thereafter, he was appointed by Governor Elisha P. Ferry to judge in a Court of Appeal ( Superior Court ). McBride was a member of the Republican Party and was elected to the side of Democrat John Rankin Rogers in 1900 as vice- governor of his state.

Governor of Washington

As Governor Rogers on December 26, 1901, died of pneumonia, McBride fell to his office. His constitutional task was the completion of the tenure of his predecessor, which was still running until 9 January 1905. During this time, he campaigned for the establishment of a railway committee to restrict the power of the railway companies. In 1902, began with the draining of two valleys (Yakima and Okanogan ). There, soon to be built new arable land for agriculture. At the same time tried to perform within his party reforms that earned him the enmity of the conservative wing of the party McBride. After McBride refused to dismiss the managing committee of the University of Washington at the request of the Republican Party leadership, the cloth between him and the party was finally cut. As a result of this rift McBride was not nominated for the upcoming 1904 gubernatorial election as a candidate.

Further CV

After the end of his governorship McBride retired from politics and devoted himself to his business interests. Among other things, he was president of the Saving and Loan Association. He also worked as a lawyer and in the timber industry. Henry McBride died in 1937. He was married to Alice Garrett.