Henry S. Thibodaux

Henry Schuyler Thibodaux (* 1769 in Albany, New York, † October 24, 1827 in Thibodaux, Louisiana ) was an American politician and in 1824, Governor of the State of Louisiana.

Early years and political rise

The exact date of birth of Henry Thibodaux is unknown. He grew up after the early death of his parents as an orphan in the family of General Philip Schuyler, who was to make a name in the American War of Independence, on. He spent part of his youth in Scotland.

In 1794 he came to present-day Louisiana and settled in St. James Parish. Later he moved to the Lafourche Parish. In 1805 he was elected to a legislature in the Territorial House of Representatives in Orleans Territory. In 1808 he was justice of the peace in Lafourche Parish. In 1812 he was a member of the Constituent Assembly of Louisiana.

State Senator and Governor of Louisiana

After Louisiana was joined in 1812 as a federal state of the United States, Thibodaux was chosen as the representative of his home district in the Senate of Louisiana. This mandate he held until 1827, where he was since 1823 Speaker of this chamber. Following the resignation of Governor Thomas B. Robertson on November 15, 1824 he fell, according to the Constitution of Louisiana, the task to finish its Unopened tenure. It was in this case pretty much a month until 13 December 1824, when the newly elected Governor Henry Johnson took office. Then Thibodaux took his seat in the Senate of the State again.

End of life

In 1827, he decided himself to run for the governorship. During the election campaign he died near the city named after him, Thibodaux. Henry Thibodeaux was married twice and had three children.