Henry V, Duke of Bavaria

Henry I of Luxembourg (* 960, † February 27, 1026 ) was 998-1026 Count of Luxembourg and as Henry V from 1004 to 1009 and again from 1017 to 1026 Duke of Bavaria.


Henry was the son of Count Siegfried of Luxembourg († 998 ) from the Moselle district and the Hadwig († 992 ). He was already standing with Emperor Otto III. , Whom he accompanied on a trip to Venice, in closer contact and probably owed ​​his favor in the lifetime of his father, the management of large Ardennengaues. Between 993 and 996 he received the bailiwick of the rich Abbey of St. Maximin in Trier, later also the bailiwick of the monastery of Echternach. Henry's sister Cunegonde was married to King Henry II († 1024), by whose favor he received the duchy of Bavaria on 21 March 1004. That same year, Henry took part in a campaign against Boleslaw I the Brave. In 1008 he rose up against his brother King Henry II and was deposed in 1009. He was re- used in December 1017 after intercession of the archbishops Heribert of Cologne and Poppo von Trier as Duke of Bavaria. Henry sat down after the death of Emperor Henry II and for the choice of the Salian Conrad II King of Germany.

He was probably buried in Osterhofen in Lower Bavaria.