Henry van Lyck

Henry van Lyck ( born January 15, 1941 as Rüdiger Leberecht in Cologne) is a German actor and performer series.

He worked among other things in the German - Austrian Hotel series " A castle at Lake Wörth " with, in the van Lyck the fraudulent banker Thomas Kramer embodies. In the WDR series Tour de Ruhr by Elke Heidenreich he played the early 1980s, the husband of Marie -Luise Marjan. Both actors were known for these roles to a wider audience. In the early 1980s, was seen as Mr Kalinke Henry van Lyck in the ARD series " Office office ".

Movies such as " To the point, sweetie " (1968 ) on the side of Uschi Glas, " The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum " (1975 ) and Werner Herzog's " Every Man for Himself and God Against All " (1975) were the character actor become a star.

In addition, van Elk played the chief prosecutor Dr. Gerhard Lotze in the television series "In the name of the law", the " Mr. Schenk " in two episodes of ARD children's series "Master Eder and his Pumuckl " and various roles in various episodes of the ZDF detective series " Derrick " and " Der Alte " and Sebastian in the live-action series Heidi.