Henutmire was a daughter and wife of the Ancient Egyptian King Ramses II by Ramses II produced several lists of his sons and daughters. Henutmire is not mentioned in any of these mostly at least in places destroyed lists with security so long time their position was unknown. There is a statue of Tuya, mother of Ramesses II is illustrated on the next Henutmire Tuya. This gave reason to believe that Henutmire was a daughter and thus sister of Ramses II. Recently, a relief was found in the Nile, however, is clearly identified as a daughter of Ramses II on the Henutmire. Thus, the above-mentioned statue shows grandmother and granddaughter. Little is known of the life of Henutmire. She was probably a very late -born daughter of the ruler and married this only when he was already very old. Henutmire was buried today in a poorly preserved grave ( QV77 ) in the Valley of the Queens. Your sarcophagus was used in the 22nd Dynasty of a High Priest of Amun, called Harsiese again.