HEO stands for:

  • Highly Elliptical Orbit, a satellite orbit
  • Increased decision-making and optimization functions, a topic of the control software in the power supply (power control )

Heo stands for:

  • Heo Gyun (1569-1618), Korean scholar, politician and writer. Youngest brother of Heo Heo Chohui and Pong, son of Heo Yeop
  • Heo Chohui (1563-1589), Korean poet and writer, painter and artist. Sister of Heo Gyun and Heo Pong, daughter of Heo Yeop
  • Heo Jin- ho ( born 1963 ), South Korean film director
  • Heo Jong -suk (1902-1991), Korean politician and writer
  • Heo June (1546-1615), court physician of the Joseon Dynasty
  • Heo Kwang- hee (* 1995), South Korean badminton players
  • Heo Mok (1595-1682), Korean politician and philosopher neokonfuzianischer
  • Heo Pong, Korean politician and minister, elder brother of Heo Heo Gyun and Chohui, son of Heo Yeop
  • Heo Yeop, Korean politician, father of Pong Heo, Heo Heo Gyun and Chohui
  • Heo Yeong -mo (born 1965 ), South Korean boxer
  • Heo Young Saeng ( born 1986 ), South Korean singer
  • Heo Yi -jae (* 1987), South Korean actress

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