Herald Square

Herald Square is a place in New York City at the cutting point of the Broadway, Avenue of the Americas ( 6th Avenue ) and 34th Street.

Named the Herald Square after the New York Herald and honor his publisher James Gordon Bennett and his son, who lived from 1893 to 1921 in Stanford White's. Until its transformation in the 1890s, the place was in something disreputable Tenderloin district of Manhattan. There were plenty of bars, dance halls and theaters such as the Manhattan Opera House.

Today, the square is a shopping street. This is evidenced, for example, the location of place Macy's, the largest department store in the world. Even the famous department store Gimbel Brothers once stood near Herald Square, but thereof is nothing more to see. Just as the Opera House, only by former Herald Building is yet to see the decorated Bennett clock. The Broadway is around the square, as well as in Times Square, pedestrian zone.

The bronze figures of Minerva and the Bell bats are a work of Antonin Jean Carles.