Herald Sun

The Herald Sun is the newspaper with the largest circulation in Australia with 551 100 readers on weekdays.


The newspaper " Herald Sun" was founded in 1990 from the merger of the morning newspaper, The Sun News - Pictorial and the evening newspaper, The Herald. The first issue was published on October 8, 1990 The Herald - Sun. Later, the hyphen was removed from the title. The last issue with old logo was sold on May 1, 1993.

The Herald

The Herald was established on January 3, 1840 by George Cavanaugh as The Port Phillip Herald. In 1855, the newspaper The Melbourne Herald, but only for a week before it was renamed The Herald was. As of 1869, it was an evening paper.

The Sun News - Pictorial

The Sun News - Pictorial was founded on September 11, 1922 and purchased by HWT in 1925.

The fusion

In its heyday, The Herald had a circulation of almost 600,000 readers, but by 1990, the 150th anniversary of the newspaper readership declined to only 200,000. It was thus far behind the Sun.

After 150 years, ten months and two days, The Herald was last sold on 5 October 1990 as an independent newspaper. A day later, The Sun News - Pictorial their latest edition issued. Shortly before the Sunday editions of both newspapers had already started cooperation.


Critics accuse the Herald Sun, the conservative attitude of the proprietor, the media magnate Rupert Murdoch, implement, without questioning them.

Shortly before the federal elections of 2004, the Herald Sun published an article with the headline " Greens back illegal drugs" ( " The Greens are for illegal drugs", Herald Sun 31 August, 2004 ), written by Gerard McManus, with numerous allegations against the Australian greens because of their policy that they had available on their website at that time. Then complained the greens with the Australian Press Council, the Australian Press Council. The Press Council gave the Herald Sun a sharp rebuke for the article.

The newspaper is alleged to possess a great partiality for the Liberal Party of Australia. Columnist Andrew Bolt writes often exactly the opposite of what the left advocate what John Pilger prompting him as "the lowest of journalism 's low, at extreme right wing and aggressively idiotic member of Murdoch 's dominant press group in Australia" to describe.