Herbert Fandel

Herbert Fandel ( born March 9, 1964 in Wilsecker ) is a German pianist and former football referee.


Fandel is a full pianist and director of the music school in Bitburg- Prüm. His musical career began Herbert Fandel with a music degree in piano in Cologne, Vienna and Salzburg. He was winner of the Mendelssohn Competition in Cologne in 1988, played a radio recordings and gave concerts at home and abroad.

Fandel since 1989 DFB referee for DJK Utscheid in football Rheinland. Since 1993, he led more than 50 games in the Second and since 1996 247 Games of the First Bundesliga. Since 1998 Fandel was FIFA referee. He took in 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney and was a referee of the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland, initially with the preliminary encounters Portugal against Turkey and the Netherlands against France. In the quarterfinals Fandel initiated on 22 June 2008, the match between Spain and Italy in Vienna. More tournaments and special games were:

In addition, he played numerous feature lines in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup.

In the seasons 2000/ 01, 2004 /05 and 2006/ 07 and in the season 2007/2008 together with Markus Merk Fandel was elected by the referee committee of the DFB to the German referee of the season.

In the Bundesliga Fandel showed in 247 encounters 1041- times yellow, 47 times a second yellow and 26 times the red card.

On June 2, 2007 Fandel led the European Championship qualifier match between Denmark and Sweden in Copenhagen. Note On his assistant Volker Wezel he referred in the 89th minute rule conformity with the Danish player Christian Poulsen after its beat in his own penalty against Markus Rosenberg with a red card of the field and decided on penalty. Immediately afterwards he was physically attacked by a Danish fan and hit the neck. Then he broke off the game when the score was 3:3. The UEFA canceled later, the result, saying, according to the regulations of the Swedish team to the victory.

His international experience as a football referee, he is also in talks continue. In June 2009, he ended his referee career. On 21 May 2010, Herbert Fandel Chairman of the DFB referee commission. Since 2011, Herbert Fandel is a member of the UEFA Referees Committee.


Herbert Fandel lives in Kyllburg, is married and has two children.