Herbert Feuerstein

Herbert Feuerstein ( born June 15, 1937 in Zell am See, Austria ) is a German journalist, comedian and entertainer of Austrian origin. As editor, he significantly shaped the style of the German MAD Magazine. Known to a wide audience, he was then in German-speaking mainly through its collaboration with Harald Schmidt in the TV program Pssst ... and Schmidteinander.


Feuerstein studied from 1956 to 1958 at the Salzburg Mozarteum Music in piano, harpsichord and composition. President Bernhard Paumgartner advised him to seek no degree after a authored by Feuerstein concert review a composition listed Paumgartners had appeared. So he followed in 1960 his first wife, a Hawaiian guest student, to New York. There he worked as an editor and from 1968 as chief editor of the German New Yorker Staats -Zeitung. He was also for radio and worked as a U.S. correspondent of the German satirical magazine Pardon. After the failure of his first marriage Feuerstein 1969 returned to Europe. He was head of publishing at Publishing Bärmeier & Nikel, who edited the satirical magazine Pardon among others. Subsequently, he was until 1991 chief editor of the German MAD magazine, whose style he significantly shaped.

For television, he was in 1984, first working as a writer Michael Brown show at the WDR, followed two years later Wild on Sunday. On the side of Harald Schmidt, he became known to a wide audience - as a member of the team rate the game show Pssst ... as well as co -host of Schmidteinander. After the end of these two formats, he worked in 1995 as Detlef rabbit in the movie Abduction from Linden Street with. Two years later, he wrote television history when he twelve hours a piece of the live broadcast hosted flint night when the WDR. In 1998 was followed by a twelve-hour flint night. After several guest appearances as a stuntman Spartacus week show he gave in Berlin in 1998 his debut as a theater actor. He was also a member of the team rate of What am I? on kabel eins, he also lends his voice to Professor Brabbelback in the program with the mouse.

Between 2003 and 2008, played Flint in 75 performances of the operetta Die Fledermaus at the Cologne Opera ushers the frog. He was also part of the rate of 2004-2009 more teams in the Sat -1 Series Genial addition. In 2004, he spoke in the animated film The Incredibles the voice of Gilbert Huph. In 2007, he made ​​his comeback with Harald Schmidt in the evening program of the ARD in the new edition of Pssst ..., but this was discontinued after twelve episodes. In 2007, he played God in the opera Rise and Fall of the City Mahagonny and also in the movie moron based on the novel by Tommy Jaud. In the fairy tale film Frau Holle 2008 he worked as a teller with. He had a guest appearance the following year in Vicky the Viking men. 2009 and 2010 played Flint in the Berliner Dom in Berlin Everyman Festival the devil.

Herbert Feuerstein lives in Brühl and is married to his third wife with the editor Grit Bergmann. Since 1992 he is a German citizen.

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