Herbert III of Omois

Heribert the old man ( probably * 910/915, † 980/984 ) of the family of the Carolingians was from 943 Earl of Omois, later Count of Rheims, Meaux and Troyes. He was the son of Count Heribert II of Vermandois and Adela of France.

After the death of his father ( 943 ) Heribert received the Omois (the land around Château -Thierry ). He married 951 Eadgifu, daughter of King Edward the Elder of Wessex, the widow of King Charles III. , Although it was Hereward 's father, in whose captivity Charles III. spent his last years. Eadgifu had fled at this time with her son Louis IV to England after their return ( Ludwig ascended the throne in 936 ) to 951 Abbess of Notre -Dame in Laon been. Heribert was a faithful ally of his royal stepson and also by his son and successor, Lothar, the 967 appointed him Count Palatine, but forced upon him the county of Reims. After his brother Robert of Vermandois death he brought the valley of the Marne between Meaux and Epernay under his control, 968 also the county Troyes, although Robert was entitled to inherit offspring.

After his death ( the marriage had remained childless expected ) announced King Lothar his property between his two nephews Odo I of Blois, son of his sister Ledgard ( he received Reims ), and Heribert the Younger, son of his brother Robert of Vermandois ( he received Meaux and Troyes ), on.