Herbert Macaulay

Herbert Samuel Heelas Macaulay ( born November 14, 1864 in Lagos, † May 7, 1946 ) was a Nigerian politician.


He was the grandson of Samuel Ajayi Crowther and the son of the founder of the first secondary school in Nigeria. Until 1893 he studied architecture and surveying in London and then worked as an inspector in Lagos.

1920 Macaulay was involved in the establishment of the National Congress of British West Africa. A successful petition against the expropriation of African soil in 1921 made ​​him popular. In 1923 he founded the first political party in Nigeria, the NNDP. In 1925 he gave the Daily News out. In 1935, he was active against the Italian occupation of Ethiopia ( Steer clear of Abyssinia ). In 1944, he tried with the establishment of the NCNC to achieve the independence of Nigeria.

Macaulay died in 1946 by a disease which he had contracted on a political journey.

  • Nigerian
  • Person ( Lagos)
  • Politicians (Nigeria )
  • Born in 1864
  • Died in 1946
  • Man