Herbert Nachbar

Herbert neighbor ( born February 12, 1930 in Wieck near Greifswald, Greifswald - Wieck today; † 25 May 1980, East Berlin ) was a German writer.


Herbert neighbor was the son of a fisherman. From 1936 to 1940 he attended the elementary school in Wolgast, then the teacher training college in Pasewalk. After a short time as an electrician apprentice, he was a student at a high school in Rostock, where in 1950 his Abitur. Neighbor began studying medicine at the Humboldt University of Berlin, he broke off after two semesters. Until 1953 he worked as a local reporter and editor for several daily newspapers in East Berlin, then as a lecturer in the Aufbau-Verlag. From 1957 he was a freelance writer. Neighbor lived in different places: to 1959 in Freesenort on the island Ummanz from 1960 to 1963 in East Berlin, from 1963 to 1969 in Graal -Müritz, and again in 1969 in East Berlin. From 1968 he was head of dramaturgy at the People's Theatre in Rostock, later the GDR television in Berlin. His death was the result of a serious illness, by which he was confined to a wheelchair since 1978.

Neighbor was a member of the Writers Union of the GDR and the PEN center of the GDR.

Herbert neighbor was in 1951 married to the painter Brigitte N. Kröning. 1955 born daughter Sabine and 1964 son Robert.

Artistic creation

Herbert neighbor was the author of novels, short stories and television scripts. In his early novels he described life in fishing villages on the Baltic coast; Later he expanded his range of subjects and processed partly own experiences in his books. Some of his later works are marked by the word of the Baltic region and Scandinavia and wear fantastic and romantic traits.

Awards and honors


  • The moon has a courtyard, Berlin 1956
  • The Stolen Island, Berlin 1958
  • The Wedding of Länneken: novel, Berlin 1960 (1964 DEFA feature film The Wedding of Länneken )
  • The death of the Admirals, Berlin 1960
  • Brazil trip, Rostock, 1961 ( together with Gerhard Vetter )
  • Up goes the Big Dipper, Rostock 1963 (1966 TV Movie )
  • A commander seeks his mother, Rostock 1965
  • House under the rain, Berlin et al 1965
  • Master Zillmann, Rostock 1965
  • The millions of Knut Brümmer, Rostock 1970
  • The Master Girl, Rostock, 1970 ( as editor )
  • A dark star, Berlin et al 1973
  • Pump thing strange trip, Berlin et al 1975
  • The route to Samoa, Berlin et al 1976
  • The Flying Canoe, Berlin 1979
  • The basement of the old forge, Berlin et al 1979
  • Helena and the Visitation, Berlin 1981
  • The great ride, Berlin et al 1982
  • The boy with the knee-length shorts, Berlin et al 1984