Herbert Vesely

Herbert Vesely ( born March 31, 1931 in Vienna, † 13 July 2002 in Munich ) was an Austrian film director and screenwriter.

Life and work

His father was a ballistics expert and General. After graduating in 1948 studied Herbert Vesely five semester theater studies and art history at the University of Vienna. During this time, he directed his first short films. The film producer Hans Abich enabled him to produce the experimental film is no longer flee from the year 1955. His first feature film was 1961 The Bread of Those Early Years, a literary adaptation by Heinrich Böll. On July 6, 1962, he took part in the Bonn stage for sensory perception - Ecumenical Council with his film " NOT FLEE ".

In 1962 he signed, along with other writers and directors the Oberhausen Manifesto.

1982 Herbert Vesely was honored for his work with the film strip in gold.

Vesely was married to the singer and actress Dany man.

Filmography ( as director)