Herbert Wieger

Herbert " Mucki " Wieger

Herbert " Mucki " Wieger ( born February 7, 1972 in Linz) is an Austrian football player at the position of a striker.


Wieger began his career at First Vienna FC 1894, before he went to SK Vorwärts Steyr Steyr, with which he was promoted to the Bundesliga in 1990. This success allowed him also with the Grazer AK 1995, FC Admira Wacker Mödling 2000 and Kapfenberg SV in 2008.

When KSV he held in addition to his striker role at the same time the position of Sports Director and the Vice Captain of the team. After the 2008/ 09 season Wieger ended his active career as a football player, but continues his career as a sports director continued. Since May 2009 Wieger is also academy director in Kapfenberg. Shortly before the beginning of the season 2009/10 he announced, but continue his career, where he would be content with brief appearances. He helped also in the 2nd Kapfenberg team KSV amateurs out as a striker.

At the end of the 2011/12 season Wieger ended his active career and undertook subsequent to the position as assistant coach at the KSV amateurs.


  • 4x Olympic Team
  • BL- rise with the SK Vorwärts Steyr ( 1990)
  • BL- rise with the GAK (1995 )
  • BL- rise with FC Admira Wacker Mödling (2000)
  • Supercup winner with the GAK (2000)