Herink ( German Häring, formerly herring ), is a village in the Czech Republic. It is located seven kilometers south-west of Říčany and belongs to Okres Praha- východ.


Herink located at the junction of the Central Bohemian panel for Central Bohemian Uplands at a right tributary of the Botič. North State Road 101 runs from Jesenice to the D1 motorway and after Říčany.

Neighboring towns are Dobřejovice in the north, Modletice in the east, and Popovičky Chomutovice the southeast, Nebřenice, Čenětice, Olesky and Radějovice in the south, Kršovice and Horni Jirčany the southwest, Osnice in the west and Průhonice in the northwest.


The first written mention of the Prague citizens belonging Court Herink was 1422. Later, various noble families were owners of the village. 1622 acquired Mikuláš Berkovsky of Šebířov on Horky and Košetice by Christoph Wratislaw of Mitrowitz on Dírná together with Lojovice also a part of Herinky. Wilhelm Vok of Vit Rzava closed Herinky 1654 to the rule Dobřejovice. 1829 bought by the owner of the goods Modletice, Ignatius Výšina, a share of the village.

After the abolition of patrimonial Herinky formed in 1850 a municipality in the district Říčany. From 1869 it belonged to the region of Český Brod, from 1890 to the district Zizkov and again from 1921 to the district Říčany. At that time was the change in the community name in Herink.

In 1930 a double stone ramparts of unknown origin was excavated in the refurbishment of the village stream of place " Tvrzce ". The archaeologist and writer Eduard Štorch wrote in his novel " Hrdina Nik " a Awarenlager " Hrynk ", which is said to have been found south of Prague in the 7th century.

In 1961, the annexation to Dobřejovice, at the same time the village was assigned to Okres Praha- východ. Since 1990, the community is again. Herink consists of 35 residential buildings.

The village carries a coat of arms on red background shows the left side of a white lily half and the right side on a blue background three white herrings.

Community structure

For the community Herink no districts are reported.


  • Chapel
  • Former inn
  • Crucifix and village bell
  • Listed Linde