Herman Hertzberger

Herman Hertzberger ( born July 6, 1932 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch architect. He is a representative of structuralism in architecture. With its buildings and theories he has delivered a significant contribution to this architecture flow.

Hertzberger studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft. After graduating in 1958 he opened his own architectural office. 1959 to 1963 he was, together with Aldo van Eyck and Jaap Bakema the editors of the magazine Forum on. In 1970 he was appointed professor at the Technical University in Delft, from 1982 to 1986, he taught as a visiting professor at the University of Geneva, where until 1993 he held a professorship in 1986. 1990 to 1995 he also taught at the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam. Hertzberger has been named an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Belgium in 1975 and in 1991 knighted by order of Oranje Nassau. The Association of German Architects BDA has appointed him in 1983 as an honorary member.

Among the most important buildings Hertzberger part of the administration building of the Centraal Beheer insurance in Apeldoorn (1968-1972), where he created " polyvalent spaces" that received different meanings and interpretations depending on the relations of the people working there. Its construction activity focused on the Netherlands, but he also realized buildings in Germany, Italy and Japan.

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