Herman Rarebell

Rare Herman Bell ( born November 18, 1949 in Hüttersdorf, Saarland, as Hermann Erbel ) is a German drummer.


He received his education in the subjects of drums and piano at the Musikhochschule Saarbrücken. Later Rare Bell went to England. 1977, he joined the Scorpions and took with them several albums that have been certified gold and platinum. He was also a composer and author of several Scorpions title. He subsequently went on tour with them. In 1981 his first solo album. With fellow musicians, he recorded his second solo album titled Herman ze German & Friends in California. Rare Herman Bell is also active as a producer and composer. He was awarded the Echo and the World Music Award and received 78 gold and 30 platinum records. 1996 Rare Bell left the Scorpions and founded in its then principal residence Monaco Monaco Records the record company. From 2003 he lived with his wife, the saxophonist Claudia Raab, also in Munich. Rare Bell formed, along with Pete York, Charly Antolini the Drum Legends Trio and played several concerts in this lineup, and in 2005 released a live album. Rare Bell is the founder of the Art meets Music Project. Since 2010 he lives in Brighton.

In the presence of the Scorpions at the Wacken Open Air 2006 Rare Bell was invited as a guest and played for the first time since the Face the Heat Tour 1993/94 again with his old band. He can be heard among others, entitled No one Like You. The concert was released on DVD. In 2010 he signed a record deal with Dark Star Records and released the CD Herman ze German. Rare Bell was his old band Scorpions represented at the world tour, Get Your Sting and Blackout in North America as a guest at several concerts and played there and a the song No one Like You. Also at some concerts of MSG, he joined in 2010 in North America and in London, England as a guest musician. Rare Bell 's drummer on the new album Temple of Rock by Michael Schenker. Together with Schenker, Francis Buchholz, inter alia, he is since 2011 with the album Temple of Rock on tour with his own band and are more concerts. In 2013 he played with Bobby Kimball, John Parr, Don Dokken and other guest musicians recorded the album Acoustic Fever, be interpreted solely on the songs of the Scorpions. With this album Rare Bell goes on a short tour through Germany and the Netherlands.

Since 2012 Rare Herman Bell is an honorary professor at the DeTao Masters Academy in Beijing.


Herman Rare Bell played at the beginning at the Scorpions drums of Premier brand, and later by the company Ludwig, each as Doublebassdrumset with two hanging toms and two floor toms.

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