Hermann Friedrich Teichmeyer

Hermann Friedrich Teichmeyer ( born April 30, 1685 in Hann Munden, . † February 5, 1744 in Jena ) was a German physician. He was the father- Albrecht von Haller and Johann Andreas Segner of.

Teichmeyer had in 1717 a full professor for experimental physics in 1719 for Medicine, 1727 of Botany at the University of Jena and was a pioneer of forensic medicine. 1724 he held the first time in Jena lectures on the autopsy. From him one of the first forensic medical textbooks of the German Empire Institutiones medicinae legalis vel forensis (1723 ), in German translation comes under the title Hermann Friedrich pond Meyers instruction to judicial Arzneygelahrheit: worinnen the principal matters so partly in civil life happen partly bey courts and Schoepp chairs ... are discussed. (Nuremberg: at the expense of stone and Raspischen Bookstore, 1752).