Hermann Raupach

Hermann Friedrich Raupach ( born December 21, 1728 in Stralsund, † December 22, 1778 in Saint Petersburg ) was a German composer.


Hermann Friedrich Raupach was a son of Stralsund organist Christoph Raupach, from whom he received his first music lessons. Raupach was from 1755 Deputy harpsichordist in the court orchestra of the Italian Society in St. Petersburg, where he was appointed in 1758 Kapellmeister and court composer. In this time he composed two operas and together with Josef Starzer a ballet.

After 1762 the Tsar Peter III. was released with most of the Italian Society, he left St. Petersburg and went via Hamburg to Paris. There he settled down as a music teacher. He composed several sonatas for piano and violin. In 1766 he met here with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who played with him.

In 1768 he followed a renewed call to Saint Petersburg, where he became Kapellmeister in 1777 and assumed the post of Director of the musical department at the Academy of Fine Arts. He taught at the Academy of Composition. Apart from other ballets he composed a successful comic opera. His works have been performed after his death again and again.

His students included the Russian composer Jewstignei Ipatowitsch Fomin.


  • Alceste. Opera, 1758.
  • Siroe. Opera, in 1760.
  • The refuge of virtue. Ballet.
  • 6 Sonatas for Piano and Violin Op 1 1762nd
  • 4 Sonatas for Piano and Violin Op 2 1765th
  • Armide et Renaud. Ballet.
  • Le Desepoir d' Armide. Ballet.
  • Semele et Jupiter. Ballet.
  • Dobryje soldaty. Komische Oper. ( Libretto by Mikhail Matveyitch Cheraskow )