Hermanos Serdán International Airport

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The International Airport of Puebla is an international airport in Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, the capital of the Mexican state of the same name. It is 23 km northwest of the city near Huejotzingo.

The Puebla airport in 1984 provided as a diversion airport of Mexico City and named after Hermanos Serdán. Since 2005 it belongs to the Metropolitan Airport System, which also includes the airports of Toluca, Cuernavaca and Querétaro with.

There is a project with the Braunschweig software house Airpas Aviation to ensure that the airport building flights between the German city of Hanover and Puebla Puebla airport and thus the conduct of the first Mexican airport airlines a fully automated exchange of invoices. With the help of the new system is to position itself as an alternative Puebla Flughafenhub for intercontinental and domestic flights.