Hermsdorf, Brandenburg

Hermsdorf is a municipality in the district of Upper Spreewald -Lausitz in the south of Brandenburg and is part of the Office Ruhland.

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The municipality is located in Upper Lusatia, and is marked by the agriculture village. The community consists of the district and the community Jannowitz part Lipsa.


The village was mentioned in writing in 1489 for the first time.


Jannowitz was incorporated on 31 December 2001 in the Gemeindet Hermsdorf.


The Council of the Municipality consists of 10 councilors.

  • Constituency association Hermsdorf 4 seats
  • Constituency association Lipsa 2 seats
  • Free Wählergemeinschaft 4 seats

(As at municipal election on October 26, 2003)

Culture and sights

In the list of monuments in Hermsdorf ( at Ruhland ) and in the list of ground monuments in Hermsdorf ( at Ruhland ) are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.


In Hermsdorfer community Lipsa part is the castle Lipsa, which was used as a nursing home with associated park.

In 1736 they built the present church on the Hermsdorfer cemetery. The church tower was demolished in 1987 because of the danger of collapse. In 2012, the congregation built the church tower again. The present church dates back to a previous building in 1530. Outside the church there is a war memorial to the fallen of the First World War.

Economy and infrastructure


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Franziska Bennemann (1905-1986), German politician (SPD ), Member of Parliament