Hermsdorf, Saxony

Hermsdorf / Erzgeb. is a municipality in the district of Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains in Saxony ( Germany ). It is part of the joint management Altenberg.


The community Hermsdorf with the districts Seyde and Neuhermsdorf between Altenberg and wife rock on the Kamm on the border with the Czech Republic.


Around 1300 were Frankish settlers in the area in the middle of what was once the entire Erzgebirge covering the jungle down to take advantage of the abundance of wood. Thus marked the forestry and agriculture, trade with the nearby Bohemia and the mining life in the community between the headwaters of the Wild Weißeritz and Gimmlitz. The name was given by his Hermsdorf locator Hermann. From the original name " Hermannstorff " finally today's notation formed over " Hermeßtorff ", " Hermsdorff " out.

August Schumann calls in 1817 in heads of state, postal and newspaper Encyclopedia of Saxony Hermsdorf concerning Others:

" Its origin is Hermsdorf first in the area where the church is, and what is called the disc, have taken, and some forest district of the nearby forest pottery, called the potter's wheel to have been. Disc called otherwise a parcel of ground which had few scope and was flat, as the environments of the same. The church Hermsdorf is the only of the Office which are not found in the Matrikul the bishopric of Meissen from 1346, but at the time of the Reformation was already there. You should have been already in the 14th century as a chapel, which belonged to the daughter church by Mrs. Stone. [ ... ] To Hermsdorf was from the earliest times to a customs facility, namely, where alone Gränzzoll was taken. On command from August 23, 1683 submitted to the tax collector Michael Meyer to Einsiedel at its own expense conduct a house on this village, on Hemschuhwalde to, in which also, at his request, which was Gränzzoll and Landaccis intake installed together with the escort. [ ... ] Hermsdorf, which has 40 tension, 40 magazines and 43 ⅜ march hooves, counted in 1748, except the Erbgerichte that anjetzt is regal and since the most ancient times had the brewing justice, but was moved to Rechenberg, 53 farmsteads and 39 cottagers, and in 1815 there were 54 farmsteads and 47 cottagers, in all, 700 Consumenten. [ ... ] In the hallway Hermsdorfer most Winterkorn is built in office woman stone, only the inhabitants sometimes the misfortune that the cereals are not ripe, or one-third remains lie under the snow. [ ... ] The hall of this great village Hermsdorf is still excellent remarkable for the mighty limestone deposit and the lime kiln located at that. [ ... ] An extraordinary amount of burnt lime is consumed annually to fertilize With the large bustle in the field crops. Many landlords burn these raw limestone in its own small stoves, called Fast, delete the lime with water and then sprinkle it on the field. Formerly there were in Hermsdorf two lime kilns, namely those of the Office and the Erbrichters there. 10-12000 tons of lime per year were sold on both. [ ... ] The greater part of the limestones, the lime and the timber is moved from Nassau station on the through here Freiberger highway. It is also driven some mining in Hermsdorf in current times. At the village belong, with the inclusion of vinegar mill, 3 mills with five gears. "

On 1 March 1994 the until then independent municipality Seyde was incorporated.

Coat of arms

The crossed miner's tools, hammer and chisel, point to the long mining tradition of the place. The branch with the berries of mountain ash ( " rowan berries ", the Erzgebirge " Vugelbeerbaam " ) refers to the situation in the Ore Mountains where the rowan tree is a much seen.

Development of the population

Culture and sights

  • Farmers and local history museum Hermsdorf
  • Church Hermsdorf
  • Sawmill Museum Herklotzmühle Seyde
  • Old Zinnbrücke Seyde
  • Old Customs House Neuhermsdorf
  • Memorial stone at the former youth and sports home for 13 unknown concentration camp prisoners who were killed in a death march in April 1945 by SS men
  • Royal Saxon Full milestones at the inn Buschhaus Hermsdorf and on Becherbachweg / Stempelsterweg and former half milestone as a fragment of a highway or road maintenance stone at the Zinnbrücke at Seyde (former postal rates Altenberg - Sidon and Altenberg woman stone and Old Freiberg Teplitz Post Road )



The station Hermsdorf - Rehefeld was on the railway line Nossen -Moldova and existed until 1972. Talbahn Here the mob should branch off. This railway line has been, but never realized.