Hero of Labor

Interim clasp

The honorary title of Hero of the work was a national award of the German Democratic Republic (GDR ), which was awarded in the form of a medal. The title was donated on 19 April 1950. His award was limited to 50 awards per year. By awarding a bonus of up to 10,000 marks was connected.

Award conditions

The honorary title of Hero of the work should be distinguished pioneering deeds for the structure and the victory of socialism in the economy. He was particularly intended for deeds in industry, agriculture, transport or trade or for scientific discoveries or technical inventions.

Stylish look and manner

First form

The silver plated coin with a diameter of 34 mm shows on its obverse centered on a medallion type representation of a hammer, a circle, and three spikes. Two ears flanked doing the hammer and the circle, and the third was mostly hidden behind the hammer. The medallion enclosed a small ring, the bottom of the inscription: was enclosed HERO OF THE WORK and upwards of two upwardly open curved laurel branches, which also formed the edge of the medal. The reverse contrast showed centrally the dove of peace and the inscription: GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. Was driven medal on a 30 mm wide white band. On this a 5 mm 5 mm wide black -red-gold center strip was removed from the edge on each side margin ( ie a total of two) woven. In terms of carrying provisions, there were several versions, on the one hand on the long belt or a rectangular clasp.

Second form

In 1952, the layout of the coin was altered and the medal form discarded. In his place was replaced by a gold-plated Star of 34 × 34 mm in size, which at its center a medallion (23 mm diameter) showed with a laurel wreath. Inside the ring, there are a hammer and a compass and two flanking ears. The back of the star wore in the shape of an open circle the inscription: HERO OF THE WORK and to 1972 at the top of the punch 900 and below the manufacturer MB ( coin Berlin). Was borne of the Star in a 31.5 mm wide and 10 mm high golden clasp with red band on the upper left chest. In case of multiple awarded the title of what was possible in principle, the second brace was worn next to the first in a kind of communication groove.