As Heroon (plural Heroa, Greek ἡρῷον ) is called in the Greco -Roman architecture, a sanctuary or a grave monument of a hero, the there was of great veneration, usually the legendary founder of the respective Polis. In these cases, such a construction is to be regarded as Denkmalbau ( cenotaph ), especially if the construction was carried out until long after the death of the honored person. Especially in the Hellenistic, the erections of Heroa accumulated as urban places of worship, often to demonstrate the independence of the polis. The installation of these buildings was mostly in a prominent location, on or at the Agora or just before the gate.

Known Heroa are:

  • The Heroon for Diodorus Pasparos in Pergamon
  • The Heroon of Calydon
  • The Heroon of Limyra
  • The Heroon of Trysa (now in Vienna)
  • The Temenos to the ruler cult in Pergamon
  • The so-called Tomb of Theron in Agrigento
  • The Heroon the Atilia Pomptilla in Cagliari in Sardinia
  • An excavated building in Lefkandi is also interpreted as Heroon.
  • In Pompeii were found on the forum Triangolare a consecrated to Hercules Heroon.