Herr Lehmann (Film)

  • Christian elm: Herr Lehmann
  • Detlev Buck: Karl
  • Katja Danowski: Katrin
  • Janek Rieke: Crystal Rainer
  • Hartmut Lange: Erwin
  • Martin Olbertz: Marco
  • Uwe- Dag Berlin: Jürgen
  • Michael Beck: Klaus
  • Michael Gwisdek: Hans
  • Stephan Baumecker: Kiffer
  • Tim Fischer: Sylvio
  • Karsten Speck: Leather Uschi Detlef
  • Margit Bendokat: Mother Lehmann
  • Adam Oest: Father Lehmann
  • Sven Martinek: 1 policeman
  • Bernhard Schütz: 2nd Policeman
  • Fabian Oscar Wien: Rudi
  • Heidi Züger: Karl's girlfriend Christine
  • Christoph Waltz: doctor
  • Thomas Brussig: DDR - publican
  • Pepe Danquart: Walter from the " elephant "

Mr. Lehmann is a German feature film from the year 2003. It is based on the novel by Sven Regener debut.


West Berlin shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Frank Lehmann is almost 30 years old and therefore only jokingly called by his friends " Herr Lehmann ". He works part-time as a bartender and thus comes by. No one can imagine that the choice Kreuzberg routine is shaken up by the fall of the Berlin Wall soon abruptly. The first-time visit to his parents in Berlin is already threatening to plunge him into a minor crisis. Because the supposed expectations of the career of her son and his actual, rather leisurely everyday life are in a serious imbalance. His neighborhood everyday life in general and his fledgling love for Katrin in particular, is it really enough to challenges.


The film is most of the time at known locations in Berlin- Kreuzberg. The film was shot in Prinzenbad near the Metro station, Prince Street, in the pub " For Elephants" at the Heinrich Square, in Donerimbiss " Misir Çarşısı " on the road Skalitzer Kottbusser gate or in "Madonna" in the Vienna road. Other scenes were shot in the area around the Orange Street. The scenes in the " Markthalle " Erwin's restaurant were shot in Cologne Film Studios. The scene in the cinema hall was built in Filmrauschpalast culture Moabit. More scenes that are not to be seen in the final version, but only on the DVD under " deleted scenes " were shot at the Kurfürstendamm and at Wittenberg Platz Underground Station.

The other exterior scenes were not recorded on location, but in the large outdoor scenes on the grounds of Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam, where director Leander Haussmann had already shot his first feature film " Sun Alley ".


" The episodically structured film traces Kreuzberg as caught - anesthetized parallel universe full of beer drinkers who do not want to grow up; but the staging of the substance can not convert coins to the replica on left myths, but fizzles into irrelevance. "


In the 54th German Film Prize in Berlin, the film was in 2004 with two Lolas awarded in gold, for Detlev Buck as Best Supporting Actor and Best Screenplay filmed by Sven Regener.

In the Bavarian Film Award Christian elm was awarded in 2003 for Best Actor.


2010 appeared the prequel New South Vahr that treats phases of Frank Lehmann's life as a 20 - year-old.