Hertha Pauli

Hertha Pauli ( born September 4, 1906 in Vienna, † February 9, 1973 in Long Iceland, New York) was an actress, author and journalist.


Hertha Pauli was the daughter of journalist and women 's rights activist Bertha " Maria " Contactor (1878-1927) and a doctor and university professor of Colloid Chemistry, Wolfgang Pauli, Joseph (1869-1955), who came from a Jewish family in Prague publisher, but converted to Catholicism was ( his original name was Wolf Pascheles ). Her brother was Nobel laureate in Physics Wolfgang Pauli. They 'd worked as an actress, anti-fascist activist, author and journalist.

In the years 1927-1933 Pauli played under Max Reinhardt in Berlin. She was friends with Walter Mehring and, inter alia, Odon von Horvath. After her about Horváth from his upcoming marriage with Mary Elsner, she tried to kill herself. From 1933 to 1938 she worked in Vienna as an editor in the context of the Austrian correspondence and published biographical novels ( Toni, a woman's life for Ferdinand Raimund, only a woman. Bertha von Suttner ).

She emigrated to the annexation of Austria to France. In Paris, she belonged to the circle of Joseph Roth and made ​​acquaintance with the American journalist Eric Sevareid. About Marseille, Lisbon Pyrenees and it arrived in 1940 through the mediation of a visa by the Emergency Rescue Committee in the United States, where it was known primarily as a children's author. Among other things, she told American children in Silent Night. The Story of a Song (1943 ) the origin of the Christmas carol Silent Night, Holy Night or wrote I lift my lamp a personal history of the Statue of Liberty. She married EB Ashton, with whom she worked on a biography of Alfred Nobel. In her latest book The crack of time going through my heart (1970 ) she processed three decades later, the last days before the connector and the subsequent time.

Other Works (selection)

  • Toni. A woman's life for Ferdinand Raimund, 1936
  • Only a woman. Bertha von Suttner, 1937
  • Alfred Nobel, Dynamite King, Architect of Peace, 1942
  • Silent Night. The Story of a Song, 1943
  • I lift my lamp, 1948 ( not translated into German )
  • Christmas book. A song of heaven, 1954
  • Story of the Christmas tree, 1957
  • Youth afterwards, in 1959
  • A tree of heaven, 1964
  • The secret of Sarajevo, 1966
  • The crack of time going through my heart, 1970