Hesperia (journal)

The Hesperia is a quarterly journal published by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

The magazine was launched in 1932 to provide the research results of the American School, a publication organ becomes available. This is their most important purpose even today. In addition, contributions from international scholars from the fields of archeology, art history, history, epigraphy, literature and ethnology of Greece from the early period are published in it. Geographically, the entire Greek culture space is covered without time restriction. In terms of contributions to the history and methods of archeology of the entire Mediterranean region is included.

Results of the primary research, interdisciplinary studies and synopses on specific issues or problems are equally accepted. The contributions are subjected to before accepting a peer review, which is carried out by at least two independent scientists than twice concealed opinions. The volumes of the journal will appear in both print and digital. Individual articles are on the website of Hesperia freely available. The ISSN is: 0018098X that eISSN: 15,535,622th interim editor is Mark Landon from Mount Holyoke College in representation by Tracey Cullen.

The magazine is supplemented by the Hesperia Supplements as monographic series.