Hetlingen ( Low German Hetl'n ) is known a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein and as a band thriller village in the Haseldorfer march.

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Geography and transport

Hetlingen is located about 7 km north- west of Wedel directly at the main protection dyke on the River Elbe in the Haseldorfer march. East of State Road 431 from Wedel runs over Uetersen to Elmshorn.

Hetlingen is connected through the provincial road 261 with communities Holm and hazel village. It is composed by a bus in the HVV network to connect to Wedel and Uetersen. To Hetlingen include the Hetlinger jump, Giese sand, Idenburg and Julssand, and the Hetlinger Moor, which is located in the area of ​​Holmer sand mountains.


The Geest hill Hetlingen (now the road Cranz ) and Eckhorst ( formerly called Jchhorst ) were continuously inhabited since Saxon times. They presented themselves as a settlement since the march was always threatened to diking 1709 by storm surges and flooding. Later the district was added freedom, whose name the mid-50s again disappeared when the first street names originated.

Hetlingen was first documented in 1239. The town's name probably comes from a previously living with family names Hetilo.

1873 affiliated to a farmstead Idenburg. Idenburg was first mentioned in 1650 in a charter of Detlev von Ahlefeld, in which he named the farm after his wife Ida. 1878 was the former island of sand Giese added yet. 1916 sandy path between Haselsdorf and Hetlingen was created, which was expanded in 1952 to a paved road. In 1928, finally, the dissolved Gutsbezirk Hetlinger jump with Julssand and the domains Hetlinger Schanze sand and sand Twielenfleter was incorporated into the town.

On 3 January 1976, the entire Haseldorfer march was flooded during a heavy storm surge due to a dike breach at Hetlingen. There was property damage in the hundreds of millions. Miraculously no one was killed.

Hetlinger Schanze

King Christian V erected in 1659 a Elbbefestigung that Hetlinger jump. It was disbanded in 1768.


In Hetlingen predominantly tape potboilers were active, which produced from willow hoops. But there were also many farms that operated among other fruit growing.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the local elections in 2013 seven seats and the Free Choice Community FW Hetlingen ( Wählergemeinschaft ) has six seats.

Community leaders and mayors

Coat of arms

Blazon: " About an increased blue Wellenschildfuß, it actually has three diagonally left asked, growing silver chess flowers with red - silver geschachter Bloom silver two green pastures head side by side. "


The municipality is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Schleswig-Holstein. It disposed of every day around 100,000 m³ wastewater ( 740,000 population equivalents in 2004 ) of more than 450,000 people and industries in the district of Pinneberg, in Hamburg- West and in some municipalities in the districts Segeberg and Steinburg.

Nevertheless, clearly outweighs the agricultural character and the community is also an important destination for recreation dar. The nearby beach at the Hetlinger Schanze attracts many guests from Hamburg and the whole circle Pinneberg.


The chapel in Hetlingen is on the main road. It belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran church St. Gabriel Haselsdorf- Hetlingen. The chapel was consecrated in 1971. Until then, there was no church building in Hetlingen.

Landmarks and Attractions

A landmark is the Snake's Head Fritillary ( Fritillaria meleagris ), which is also Schachbrettblume or Kiebitzei called, and is included in the municipal coat of arms.

In Hetlingen two power lines cross the Elbe (Elbe crossing 1 and Elbe crossing 2). The electricity pylons are 227 meters high, the highest in Europe. Because the power cable sag greatly because of the distance and large ships pass through the same, the masts had to be built so extremely high.

Known Hetlinger

  • Helmut Plüschau (* 1934), politician ( SPD)
  • Rolf Harris ( b. 1947 ), songs for children,
  • Barbara Ostmeier (* 1961), Schleswig-Holstein politician (CDU) and members of the Schleswig- Holstein State
  • Detlef Heydorn, German folk actor
  • Nisse Lüneburg, German show jumping
  • Rasmus Lüneburg ( b. 1982 ), German show jumping
  • Hetlinger Elbkinder, children's choir in the project Elbkinderland. The choir of primary school collaborates with Rolf Harris. Concert tours and gigs, with Rolf Harris, in front of large audiences 5000-8000 spectators part of the program.


As the first community in Germany Hetlingen took over in May 2008, the sponsorship for the 2003 Project, founded by Rolf Harris Elbkinderland whose project is to promote the artistic development of children and young people on the Elbe.


The relief is reminiscent of the long-extinct profession of the band thriller

The oldest house of Hetlingen from 1782 ( rebuilt several times )

One of the more than 200 years old houses in Cranz

The so-called school house where never was a school

The lighthouse at the Julssand Hetlinger Schanze