Heuchelheim is a municipality in the district of Gießen and closes immediately to the west of the county town of Giessen. The approximately 8,000 inhabitants distributed among the two districts Heuchelheim ( 5,800 inhabitants) and Kinzenbach ( 2,200 inhabitants). The two towns merged on April 1, 1967 together for community Heuchelheim.

Heuchelheim belongs to cooperation sliding Berger country, a land between Giessen and Wetzlar. The main village is situated on the Bieber, less than a mile from its mouth into the River Lahn.


Heuchelheim bordered to the north by the municipalities Biebertal and betting Mountain, on the east by the town of Gießen, in the southwest of the city of Wetzlar and in the west on the community of Lahnau (both Lahn- Dill-Kreis ). Heuchelheim forms with betting Mountain Media, Bochum and Lahnau the slide Berger country.


By the year 1967, the time independent municipalities Heuchelheim and Kinzenbach belonged to different counties. While Heuchelheim already at that time belonged to the district of Gießen, Kinzenbach was in the district of Wetzlar. Early 1960s were both communities a school community of purpose, which eventually led to the merger of the greater community Heuchelheim on 1 April 1967. From 1977 to 1979 Heuchelheim belonged to administratively created city Lahn, which was formed from Gießen, Wetzlar, and the intermediate locations. Within the city Lahn Heuchelheim and Kinzenbach formed the municipality Heuchelheim. As a last vestige of that time is still a city bus -like connection between casting, Heuchelheim, Lahnau and Wetzlar. Since 1949 Heuchelheim also had a trolley bus from casting, the line "4". She stopped at the bus stops train station, Liebig Street, Selterstor, Goethe School, Oswaldsgarten, Hesse Hall, Heuchelheim East, rail road, Ludwig- Rinn -Straße and Hague. It was established in 1957 but closed down again. Instead, now travels the line "24" Heuchelheim after casting.


The municipal election held on March 27, 2011 provided for the municipal council the following result:

Until the local elections in 2011 ruled by a grand coalition of SPD and CDU political life of the community. The Kinzenbacher club initiative, Bündnis90/DieGrünen, FWG and the FDP formed the opposition in the municipal council. Since April 2011, a determined coalition of CDU, FDP / FDP and Kinzenbacher voters Initiative ( KWI) political events of the community. The opposition in the municipal council form SPD and Alliance 90/The Greens.


The mayoral election on 7 June 2009 won Lars Burkhard Steinz (CDU ) with 51.8 %. His predecessor, Helmut Fricke (SPD ), was not taken up for election. 1985-1997 was Willi Marx ( SPD) mayor of Heuchelheim.


Heuchelheim is an important industrial center with larger holdings of carbon technology such as the Schunk Group. The company operates Berkenhoff here a production of electronic wires. The company Rinn operates a plant for the production of concrete slabs and an assortment of natural stone and concrete elements of garden and landscape design, which can be examined in a busy pattern terrain. In previous years were in Heuchelheim the cigar production ( Rinn & Cloos company ) and in the meantime (1948 to 1995) the camera production ( company Minox GmbH Wetzlar ) is of great importance.


The TSF Heuchelheim enjoys beyond the sports popularity. Especially in handball and table tennis great performance has been strong. Thus, the first men's team of gymnastic and sports fans rose in handball to Oberliga, and could in the season 2009/2010 hold the league, while the first women's team makes in the Hessian League sensation. Besides being played football and gymnastics in Heuchelheim. The annual midnight run in August brings people from across the region on the streets of the town.

But also in the district Kinzenbach there is a sports club. The SG Kinzenbach offers offers soccer, basketball, gymnastics and table tennis.


  • Martin Church in Heuchelheim ( 13 - 15th century)
  • Evangelical Church in Kinzenbach in the Gothic Revival style (1863 )
  • Rotary House
  • Windhof


The recreation serve the south of the village situated " Heuchelheimer Lakes", the former quarry ponds that serve the water today. In addition, there is south and west of the town the nature reserve Lahnauen, in, inter alia, the other former quarry ponds are integrated, which now serve various water birds as breeding and resting area.

Sights of the municipality at the Bieberbach include the local museum in the old train station and the Kinzenbacher Camera Museum. They are operated eV in private sponsorship of culture ring Heuchelheim - Kinzenbach.

In 2003, the Heuchelheimer snow apple as " Hessian local variety of the Year" was named by the State of Hessen pomologists Club eV. It should be made ​​aware of old, worth preserving fruits in Hesse. The appropriate actions and publicity each year are performed, such as nursing measures on old trees, Reiser extraction and delivery to nurseries, planting, lectures and exhibitions.

Major sons and daughters of Heuchelheim

  • Ludwig Rinn (* March 17, 1870, † October 30, 1958 ), founder of the cigar factories Rinn & Cloos (R & C), Commerzienrat the city of Giessen. Honorary citizen of the city of Giessen and the community Heuchelheim.
  • Otto Bepler (SPD ), longtime mayor of Heuchelheim, honorary citizen of the community Heuchelheim.
  • Til Schweiger ( born December 19, 1963), actor. In Heuchelheim the well-known German actor and film producer Til Schweiger lived from 1977 until his high school graduation.
  • Ludwig Schunk (* May 1, 1884, † May 10, 1947 ), co-founder of the company Schunk and Ebe oHG