Hewland Engineering Ltd. is a British manufacturer of gearboxes for racing cars and was established in 1957 by Michael "Mike" Hewland ( 1922-18. August 2012) was founded. Hewland was the first provider of specially manufactured according to customer racing gearbox. The first, the " Hewland Mk1 " was a custom for the Formula Junior cars from Lola gear from the VW Beetle. Within a few years used Hewland only the case of VW and made gear sets and gear cover itself These products Junior and Formula 3 were widely used in the formula. The first, designed by Hewland gearbox itself was 1963 HD4, where HD stands for Hewland style. By omitting the synchronization of the beetle transmission space for a fifth forward gear remained. The gears were in constant mesh, were provided with straight teeth and jaw couplings. The driver quickly came to terms with the switching transients, because the rotating masses were low. Except for the fifth gear and the close staging the gear had the advantage that ratios could be adapted quickly before a race at the track. These transmissions were used in many U.S. and British race car.