Hey Bulldog

January 13, 1969

Hey Bulldog is a song by British rock band The Beatles, released on the soundtrack album Yellow Submarine the film of the same name in 1969. The piece primarily by John Lennon, and under the joint copyright of Lennon / McCartney was written published.

When the Beatles Hey Bulldog shots, they were filmed by a camera crew for a music video for Lady Madonna. During this shoot Paul McCartney barked suddenly and without warning, so that the original line " Hey Bullfrog " "Hey Bulldog" was changed in the middle of the song in.

Hey Bulldog and George Harrison's It's All Too Much has been written especially for the film Yellow Submarine, was otherwise resorted to on existing or unreleased songs. There are cover versions, including Ween, Gomez, Rolf Harris, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Firewater and Skin Yard.

In 1999, Apple Records restored the footage for a music video for Hey Bulldog.