Høgni Hoydal

Høgni Karsten Hoydal ( born March 28, 1966 in Copenhagen, lives in Hoyvík, Faroe Islands ) is chairman of the Republican Party left Tjóðveldi and was from March to September 2008, the first foreign minister in the history of the Faroe Islands.

Family and Education

Høgni Hoydal was born in Copenhagen, the son of Faroese couple Gunvor and Kjartan Hoydal. He is married to Hildur Hermansen and has two sons and a daughter: Sigurd (* 1988), Brim (* 1990) and Helgi (* 1996). The singer and actress Annika Hoydal is Høgni Hoydals aunt, the writer Gunnar Hoydal his uncle. His grandfather was a writer and co-founder Karsten Hoydal the Republicans.

After high school he studied History and Communication Studies at Roskilde and worked as a television journalist in Sjónvarp Føroya.

Political career

Høgni Hoydal is generally considered one of the most colorful figures of the Faroese policy. He is perhaps the best-known Faroese politicians abroad. His political commitment aimed relentlessly at the parting of the Faroe Islands of Denmark and the establishment of a sovereign Republic Faroe Islands.

Since 1998 Høgni Hoydal is a member of the Faroese Parliament Løgting ( 2002, 2004 and 2008, re-elected ). Until December 15, 2003, he was also a member of the Government of the Faroe of Anfinn Kallsberg as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Minister for State independence. As of the general election in 2001, he was also a Member of the Danish Folketing in the North Atlantic Group in the Folketing. 2005 and 2007 he was re-elected at the general election in 2011 his party lost its mandate in the Folketing. Høgni Hoydal therefore resigned from the Parliament, although he had achieved the best result of personal votes of all candidates.

When Løgtingswahl on 19 January 2008, the Republicans were the strongest party and could not form a left-wing government under the Social Democrats Jóannes Eidesgaard. Høgni Hoydal was Foreign Minister of the Faroe Islands - an office which was only available in personal union with the Prime Minister before.

Mid-September 2008 it came to a confrontation between Hoydal and his Social Democratic Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard than Hoydal was accused of having changed the locks to an office on the government Peninsula Tinganes and so the landlord is blocking the access. Observers assumed that this affair has only been taken as an external cause of deeper state political differences. Hoydal was dismissed from the government, and on 24 September Eidesgaard declared his resignation and the formation of a new coalition.


In June 2004 Høgni Hoydal was in Flensburg guest at the annual meeting ( årsmøde ) of the Danish minority in South Schleswig.


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