HHhH ( Himmler's brain is called Heydrich ) is a historical novel by French author Laurent Binet. It was published in 2010 and deals with the assassination of the SS -Obergruppenführer, head of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) and Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia in Prague, Reinhard Heydrich during the Second World War ("Operation Anthropoid "). Binet's debut novel was awarded by the Académie Goncourt, the Prix Goncourt du premier roman in March 2010.

Be told the story of Operation Anthropoid and parts of the life stories of Heydrich and the Czech martyr Jan Kubis and Jozef Gabčík. In parallel, the research and writing process the author is described. Laurent Binet lets his reflections in the plot.


Lorenz Jäger wrote on 16 September 2011 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: " An absorbing material of the first order - in the form of a docu-fiction. "

In September 2011, published in the Random House the German translation. 2012 was the publication in English.