Hi-5 (Greek band)

Hi-5 was a Greek Cypriot pop band.

Band History

Hi-5 was created in early 2003 from the Greek version of the singing competition Popstars, broadcast by the station Mega TV. The band consisted of five singers. In February 2005, Hi-5 dissolved. From then convert the singers solo career.

Band Members

  • Nansi (also: Nancy) Steriopoulou, Greek Νάνσυ Στεργιοπούλου (born 14 July 1984, Athens)
  • Eirini (also: Irini ) Psichrami, Greek Ειρήνη Ψυχράμη ( born July 17, 1983 in Athens )
  • Shaya ( artist name), Greek Σάγια (official name: Marianna Hansen, born February 17, 1982 in Denmark)
  • Froso Papacharalambous, Greek Φρόσω Παπαχαραλάμπους (born 4 July 1981 in Nicosia / Cyprus)
  • Marlen (also: Marlain Angelidou ), Greek Μαρλέν Αγγελίδου (born 6 September 1978), in 1999 for Cyprus candidate in the Euro Vision Song Contest.

Discography ( albums)

  • Hi-5 ( studio album, the first day of sale: June 17, 2003 Platinum status )
  • Mía Nichta san ki AVTI ( studio album, First Day of Sale. 1 December 2003 gold status this Christmas album was only available as so-called Special Edition In addition to a CD with nine carols contains this output as the highlight of a non- Christmas concert. DVD offered as an encore, the first three video clips. )
  • Makria ap ' ti GI ( studio album, the first day of sale: June 21, 2004, platinum status )

On the success of the first two albums was instrumental in Gounaki Artemis, who participated as a vocal coach and arranger. When Christmas album she was also co-producer.