Hi Fly (airline)

Hi Fly is a European airline based in Lisbon, Portugal, which in the medium to long-term wet lease to airlines, tour operators, governments, businesses and individuals mainly operates in the.


The airline was founded in 2005 and was awarded in April 2006 of the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator Certificate her.

The first was the first plane to an A330 -300, which now operates on behalf of the Belgian Air Force. Two A310 -300 were leased in 2008, Oman Air, as the basis of the first long-haul flights ( to London / Heathrow and Bangkok). New planes came in 2008 and 2009 by Airbus, a A330 -200 and two A340 -500 - the latter currently leased by the Nigerian Arik Air and on its long-haul to Heathrow and New York / John F. Kennedy in action. Since then, additional A330s and A340s came to the fleet, including four in 2013.

Headquarters of Hi Fly is a new office building in downtown Lisbon, in which all departments for flight and ground operations, engineering and maintenance, security, trade, finance, management and quality control are located. There are still training rooms for the flight and cabin crews. At the airport of Lisbon there is a maintenance hangar, which MESA - operated - a subsidiary.

Hi Fly operated with its fleet of Airbus wide-body aircraft, especially long-haul flights to and from Europe, USA, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Australia. Hi Fly always held a very high standard of operational safety, higher standards could be achieved than the average, especially in punctuality and reliability.


As of August 2013 the fleet of Hi Fly consists of eleven aircraft:

The Maltese subsidiary Hi Fly Malta has an Airbus A340- 600th