Hida, Gifu

Hida ( Jap飞 驒 市, -shi ) is the name of a town in Gifu Prefecture on Honshu Japanese. The local special features include, among other things located there Kamioka Neutrino Observatory ( with the experiments Kamiokande and Super - Kamiokande ) in the former Mozumi mine.


Hida was (古 川, -chō町), Kamioka (神 冈, -chō町) and the villages Kawai (河 合 村, -mura ) founded in 2004 as a merger of the municipalities Furukawa and Miyagawa (宫 川村, -mura ) of the district Yoshiki.


  • National roads 41,360,471,472


Spelling of the name

Since the second kanji is present in the Japanese character sets only in his Shinjitai form, in which the element has been replaced by单単, Hida is騨written市飞generally considered.

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