Hideji Oda

Hideji Oda (Japanese小田 ひで次, Oda Hideji; * 1962 in Hachimantai, Iwate Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist.


After studying at a design school three years, sent Hideji Oda in 1991 his work on the manga magazine Afternoon and then won the Shiki Award, the Young Investigator Award of the magazine. In 1992 he published his first work as a professional artist, the first chapter of the series Kakusan (translated " diffusion " ), in Afternoon. The Kodansha publishing house brought the first published in Afternoon chapter out later in two books. The young protagonist in Kakusan dissolves into nothingness and travels through the world unseen, on the search for the cause of dissolution. Because of the extremely detailed drawings to work out the series every month did not appear, as usual, in the magazine, but only once or twice a year and so ended in 1998. Moreover, Oda had besides working on Kakusan a job as a massage therapist.

From 2000 to 2001, he published his second manga series Coo no Sekai ( " Coos World") in Afternoon, unlike Kakusan monthly. This Oda in 430 pages describes a girl that his dead brother again meets in his dreams, who is known there under a different name and his sister did not seem to know. The girl can not distinguish between dream and reality after some time. Appeared in 2004 in the Akita Shoten Publishing a spinoff to Coo no Sekai, Miyori no Mori, about a girl who enters a forest in a dream and there encounter include spirits. Oda is responsible for the magazine Mystery Bonita currently working on a sequel to Miyori no Mori. The animator Nizo Yamamoto is the fantasy manga soon to film an anime television series.

His work is laid in Belgium, UK, Italy, Taiwan and Spain. The end of 2005 his book Yume no Kuchi appeared as part of the La Nouvelle Manga movement simultaneously in six languages.


  • Kakusan (拡 散), 1992-1998
  • Coo no Sekai (クー の 世界, Kū no Sekai ), 2000-2001
  • Kinpira (きんぴら), 2003
  • Miyori no Mori (ミヨリ の 森), since 2004
  • Yume no Kuchi (夢 の 空地), 2005