Hidenori Isa

Hidenori Isa (Japanese井 佐 英 徳, Isa Hidenori; born July 30, 1976 in Ojiya ) is a Japanese biathlete.

Hidenori Isa operates since 1988 Biathlon. It starts as usual in Japan biathletes for the " winter combat training unit " of the ground self-defense forces. The married soldier sport has a son.

Isa made ​​his debut in the Biathlon World Cup in 2000 with a single ( 62 ) in Hochfilzen. Even in his first season, he raced for the first time at Biathlon World Championships. In Pokljuka his best placings were an eleventh place in the relay and a 37th place in the sprint. In the next few years, he started in all major international events. Best place in the World Cup should be 2005 25th place in the pursuit of Hochfilzen.

First World Cup points he collected in 2002 as Isa Sprint 16th in Oberhof. The 2001/02 season thus became his best in the World Cup he was at the end of the season ranked 46th climax should the Winter Olympic games of the year in Salt Lake City are, but managed Isa here no good finishes. In the following season he did not make it Walk a World Cup point. However, since 2003/ 04 he was able to reach World Cup points to 2006 /07 in each season. 2006 Isa started again at the Olympics. Best result at the Games in Turin were a 37th place in the pursuit and a twelfth place in the relay. In the 2009/2010 season Hidenori Isa reached the sprint in Pokljuka with rank 10 for the first time the top ten in the World Cup. He participated in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Isa's best result was the 68th place in the sprint.

Biathlon World Cup rankings

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including hosting the Olympic Games and World Championships ).