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Hieflau until the end of 2014 a Styrian municipality with 740 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district of Leoben. As part of the municipality of structural reform in Styria it is merged in 2015 with the ( in Liezen lying ) communities Mooslandl, Palfau and Gams, the new community will continue the name Mooslandl. This is based on the Styrian community structure reform law - StGsrG. The boundaries of the districts Liezen and Leoben are up to the effective date of the merger changed so that the new church will lie entirely in the district Lienzen.

The municipality comprises the cadastral Hieflau and Jassingau and belongs to the district court or the district of Leoben. It lies at the eastern end of the Gesaeuse at the mouth of Erzbaches in the Enns. Situated at an altitude of 503 m, the area is 46.96 km ².

Hieflau lies at the Rudolf web. In addition, in Hieflau ends the Erzberg Railway, which runs from Leoben on the Praebichl and iron ore to here.

Situated near the village is the water manhole whose cave system was measured at more than 1000 m.

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Community structure

The municipality comprises the two villages (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Hieflau ( 685 )
  • Jassingau (92)

The municipality comprises the cadastral Hieflau and Jassingau.

Neighboring communities


  • Roman Catholic 78.5 %
  • Protestant 2.3%
  • Muslim 3.7%
  • Without rel. Confession of 14.4%
  • Other 1.1%

Population Development

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