Higashihiroshima (Japanese东 広 島 市, -shi, literally: " Eastern Hiroshima " ) is a town in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan.


The city was founded on April 20, 1974 by the merger of the four towns ( Chō ) Hachihonmatsu (八 本 松 町, chō ), Saijō (西 条 町, chō ), Shiwa (志 和 町, chō ) and Takaya (高 屋 町, chō ) formed in the district of Kamo.

1992 the population exceeded 100,000.

On 7 February 2005, the small towns Fukutomi Kōchi (河内 町, chō ), Kurose (黒 瀬 町, chō ) and Toyosaka (豊 栄 町, chō ) in the district of Kamo and the small town of Akitsu were (福 富 町, chō ) (安 芸 津 町, -chō ) incorporated in the district of Toyota.


  • Remains of the castle Kagamiyama (镜 山城, Kagamiyama - jo )


  • Street: San'yo highway
  • National Road 2 to Osaka and Kitakyushu
  • National roads 185, 375, 486
  • San'yo JR Shinkansen: Train station Higashihiroshima, to Tokyo and Hakata
  • JR San'yo Main Line: to Kobe and Kitakyushu
  • JR Kure Line


  • Hiroshima University


  • China People's Republic of Deyang, China

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