High-power rocketry

The term high-power rocket originated in the late 1980s in the U.S. and has been adopted by numerous associations and organizations worldwide. He referred to non-professional missiles for use at home, on the one hand no longer fall within the concept model rockets, on the other hand are also no amateur rocket, or rocketry, because they are designed according to a specially set up for such missiles high-power Safety Code. According to this Code, high-power rocket model rockets distinguished by a higher limit in the weight and the engine, as well as in the design.

Definition of Terms

As model rockets are also subject to high-power rocket a security code. They are also by international uniform criteria, which are based on the NFPA Code 1127, voluntarily regulated. These are in particular:

  • Use of lightweight components
  • Metal parts only where structurally necessary
  • Use of factory-made engines, no DIY projects

Larger unregulated hobby rockets that do not meet these definitions fall under the term amateur rocket ( with the subcategory experimental rocket).