High water mark

High water marks are set embedded notices or markings on buildings that show the highest level of floods. The historic high water marks are among the small monuments.


The tradition to hold flood by markings, is in Germany already for the 14th century.

Types of high -water marks

  • Explanatory panels
  • Detached high water marks
  • Markers with and without more information

High water marks in Cologne

High water marks in Lauenburg / Elbe

High water marks in the National Park Donau-Auen

High water marks according Rhine Navigation Police Regulations

  • I mean high water mark, according to the Rhine Navigation Police Regulations RheinSchPV that all (except not engine-driven ) have to keep watercraft on the descent as possible in middle of the fairway and in the ascent of the middle third of the current width. Undertow and wave action are to be avoided; in any case may the maximum speed measured on the shore, do not exceed 20 km / h. In addition, there are other regulations that must be observed additionally.
  • Upon reaching and exceeding the high water mark II, the shipping is totally set.
  • Note characters from the picture board inland navigation mark in Germany

" E.22/II high water mark mark II"