Highland, California

San Bernardino County


Highland is a city in the U.S. state of California. It is located in the southwest of the San Bernardino County and has approximately 53,100 inhabitants. The metropolitan area has a size of 35.7 square kilometers.


According to the data collected in 2010 census 53 103 people lived in Highland. Ten years earlier, in 2000, there were approximately 44,600, bringing the population of the place thus increased by more than 8,000 within a decade. The main reason for this increase in the urban population is the strong influx of Latinos throughout Southern California, which make up almost half of the total population today. While African Americans and other ethnic groups constitute minorities, there is the remaining half of the urban population of non- whites latainamerikanische. The census also revealed that 2010 15.471 households existed in the city as well as that of 100 women 95.1 males.