Highland Park (Illinois)

Lake County


Highland Park is a city in Lake County in the U.S. state of Illinois. Its population is according to the last census in 2000 31.365 inhabitants. The city is located at the north end of Chicago. It has a very large Jewish community.


The city has a shopping district in the city center. In addition, the city is the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The Ravinia Festival will take place in Highland Park. This festival was conceived at the beginning of program activities of the village Ravinia, later the village was, however, incorporated into the municipality of Highland Park and thus, the Ravinia Festival to a feast of Highland Park. Originally Ravinia was a Künstlerenklave; despite the inclusion in the community of Highland Park has retained all the character, which is characterized by the simple lifestyle.

Highland Park is registered in the archives of the important historical places in the United States of America.


Highland Park is about 32 km ². 0.08 % of the city area is made of water. There is a 30 meter high cliff, which extends six miles along Lake Michigan, and a 177 meter deep gorge in Germany with a length of 1.8 km.


The major route is U.S. Highway 41 connects with the Chicago Milwaukee. 20 miles south lies the Chicago O'Hare International Airport.


In Highland Park is a building designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959), the Ward W. Willits House.


According to census in 2000, 31 365 people live in the city and 979.8 people per square kilometer. 91 % of the urban population are white, 1% are black, 0.08 % are Native American, 2% are Asian, 3% are other population groups. 8 % of whom are Latinos. 27% of the population were under 18 years old, 30 % were 18 to 44 years, 27 % between 45 and 64 years and 15% older than 65 years. The average age was 41 years.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Robert Wrenn (1873-1925), tennis player
  • Chuck Russell ( b. 1952 ), director, producer and screenwriter
  • Martha Minow (born 1954 ), legal scientist
  • F. Gary Gray (born 1969 ), director
  • Alex Borstein (born 1973 ), actress, voice actress, screenwriter, producer and comedian

Personalities who were active in the city

  • The actor Gary Sinise and Orson Welles
  • The astronaut Dr. John Grunsfeld and engineer Dr. John Gibson ( Chief Engineer at Illinois Tool Works )
  • Generals Terry Allen and Mark Wayne Clark and
  • The athletes Michael Jordan and Jerry Krause ( Former Manager of the Chicago Bulls)