Hillcrest Park


Vancouver Curling Club (since 2008)

The Hillcrest Park is a park in the district of Riley Park - Little Mountain Vancouver, British Columbia. On the grounds of the park, the Nat Bailey Stadium, home of the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club and the Millennium Sports Centre, home to several sports clubs located. In addition, the curling competitions of the Olympic Winter Games and the 2010 Winter Paralympics were held in a then newly Ice Arena.

The construction of the ice rink, which is located right next to the Millennium Sports Centre on the site of today's indoor curling, began in March 2007 and were completed in February 2009. According to the organizers of the four kilometers from the Olympic Village, the park was easy to reach by public transport.

Since the Olympics, the hall is used as a multi-purpose ice rink, as well as an ice rink, a gymnasium and a library in the building complex is located next to the six to eight curling rinks. As in the hall before the existing Vancouver Curling Club his games at the Hillcrest Park will deny.