Hillel II.

Hillel Hillel II or Nasia (Hebrew הלל נשיאה ) was of Jewish Patriarch in the period from 350 to 365, he is counted formally to the Amoraim 4th generation (only mentioned twice in connection with Halachot. Pal I Berachot 5a. ; pal Terumot I, 41a). .

He was the son of the patriarch Judah III. , A descendant of that coming from Babylonia and between 30 BC and 10 AD in Jerusalem acting great Jewish scholar Rabbi Hillel ( Hillel the Elder / Hillel hazaqen ) and father of Gamaliel V.

Hillel II had about 350-365 AD under the emperor Julian and created ( according to a tradition in Hai Gaon in 358) the computing according to solar years constant, valid up to the present Jewish calendar. Meanwhile era counted from the creation, which corresponds to the year 3761 BC. There is no known reason why Hillel II was able to accept the sum of procreation age of the ancient patriarchs, including 100 years of the patriarch Shem as the time interval between Adam and the Flood.